Alina & Jeff Bliumis

Language Barrier, c-print, 30x30, 2008
Language Barrier, c-print, 30×30 cm, 2008




Alina and Jeff Bliumis are multidisciplinary artists living and working in NYC. They are both originally from the former Soviet Union.

Their team often reflects on their own experiences and develops subjects dealing with migration, social developments, and cultural engineering. Their work concentrates on “foreignness” and “otherness” in daily social encounters, from the site-specific installation “Language Barriers” to a photo journey “Moscow Diary”, inspired by Walter Benjamin’s book with the same title.

Alina and Jeff’s projects range from video installations to documentary films to site-specific installations. Their works have been internationally exhibited. Selected shows are the 1st, 2nd and third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Russia), Busan Biennale 2006 (South Korea), Assab One (Italy), Castlefield Gallery (UK). Their video works have been screened at many festivals such as New York Video Festival (USA); Media Art Festival Friesland (Netherlands); Florida Film Festival (USA); Resfest 10; and Videomedeja (Serbia).

Recents shows include :Bronx Museum of the Arts (New-York), Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia); Art Basel Miami ; Andrea Meislin Gallery, NYC ; Contemporary City Foundation, Moscow, March 2008 ; “Off the wall”, Jewish Museum NYC.

Last show in France were at Galerie Stanislas Bourgain (“Tips for new americans” in 2010, “Language Barrier” in 2008), the projection of “Cloning Factory” during Nuit Blanche  2008, Paris and a collective show, Artistes russes: Un art au superlatif,  at Centre d’art contemporain in Meymac.

Their work are in prestigious collections such as The Victoria and Albert Museum (London), the Immigration Museum in Paris (France), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia), Bat-Yam Museum (Israel), the Saatchi Collection (UK) and Harvard Business School (USA).

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