Ivan Mikhailov

Playground, c-print, 2010, 30x30cm

With a scientific and objective approach inherited from the Dusseldorf school of photography,  Ivan Mikhailov (Russia, 1981) investigate in his photographic projects the reality of the contemporary Russia, giving a documentary and almost cataloging dimension to this artwork.

The photographs of Ivan Mikhailov depict a reality that seems to be far from us : soviet-style playgrounds made of rockets from another era; young people, covered with plaids, who seem lost looking to the buildings of a huge city.

But this reality is the contemporary Russia: a country that has lost any kind of inspiration and lives with the nostalgy of dreams like space exploration; a vast city, Moscow, with its agressive advertising, traffic jams, and expensive shop windows, that seems inadapted for the young people moving from the provinces to the capital.

The galerie Stanislas Bourgain is happy to promote the artwork of this talented Russian contemporary photographer, born in the small city of Novocheboksarsk on the Volga river and living now in Moscow.

2012, Playground, Glaz Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2011, Playground,gallery Atelier AM ECK, Dusseldorf,Germany.
2010, “Megapolis, Abbaye de Montmajour”, Arles, France.
2010, “Space for solitude”, Proekt Fabrika.Moscow.Russia

2014, Nouveau Festival, Centre Pompidou
2014, “Russia beyong mythologies”, Russenko festival, Kremlin Bicêtre
2013, “Priceless city”, Project 200, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
2012, “Optimal projections”, Zagreb Arts Pavilion, Croatia
2012, “From Moscow With Love”, PDNB Gallery, Dallas, USA
2012, “10 Curators / 10 Artists”, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, USA),
2011, “Russian cosmos”, 2011 (Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy)
2011, Photofestival LianzhouFOTO”, Lianzhou, China
2011, Photofestival “Noorderlicht”, Groningen, Netherlands
2011, Photofestival “Backlight”, Tampere, Finland
2011, International Festival of Photography, Lodz, Poland.
2010, Untold hopes, Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France.

Photographies C-print, formats 30x30cm, 50x50cm, 100x100cm

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