Vladimir Logutov

Fragments, acrylic, mixed media, Vladimir Logutov, 111x400cm, 2009

Fragments, acrylic, mixed media, Vladimir Logutov, 111x400cm, 2009
Fragments, acrylic, mixed media, Vladimir Logutov, 111x400cm, 2009

“At the core of Vladimir Logutov’s work is a simple game: transforming reality with the help of reality”, said Italian-born curator Antonio Gueusa.

With a background in drawing and painting, Vladimir Logutov has emerged as one of Russia’s premier and evocative video artists. His work combines natural footage with computer montage, conveying a meditative feel to his narration. Through his painting and drawing experience, he molds and reworks his videos by superimposing his own digital reflections.

Often characterized as a formalist, Logutov does not show the glamorous side of his subject matter, but mostly scenes of a process – prone to mistakes, inaccuracies, and even failure.

His latest project “Meetings” is the result of his artistic research on the act of perception of an artwork, the moment of meeting between the viewer and the artwork, the diversity of their relationship and the birth of meanings within this situation. The works show the existence of different forms of art and reveal to us its relationship with the exhibition space. However, the focus is always the viewer.

Born in 1980 in Samara (Russia) where he currently lives and works, Vladimir Logutov epitomizes the new generation of Russian artists through the themes he explores and the techniques he applies.

All Vladimir Logutov’s works are experiments in which the artist rethinks the technics and technologies of every art form, discovering new potentials in video, sculpture and painting

He has been a participant of important projects such as the Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art (2007, 2009, 2013), “Unseen”, 4th Guanghzou Triennale (2012),  “MODUS R” (Art Basel Miami Beach, 2006), “Urban formalism” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2007). His recent shows include “Unseen” Guangzhou Triennal;  “Saturnalia”, Sorokin Foundation, various locations;  “Russia 21” at Pinchuk Art Center (Kiev, 2009);  “Verticals”, Guelman Gallery (Moscow, 2009) and a solo exhibit at Regina Gallery (Moscow, 2009). His series of video “Structured Spaces (2010-2012)” have been showed at the Venice Biennale of Architecture (Casa dei Tre Oci, 2013) and at the Venice Biennale of Art (“Lost in Translation”, 2015). He has been one of the 5 artists of the show “Toward the source” at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2017)

Vladimir Logutov was listed in the New Museum’s 2009 “Younger than Jesus” artist directory.

Vladimir Logutov lives and works between Moscow and Samara, his native city, making an active contribution to the art life of his city.  Over the past few years, he has played a vital role in the development of contemporary art in Samara, and in the curatorship of exhibitions of young russian artists in Moscow for the Smirnov and Sorokin Foundation. He has curated the exhibition “Not a Museum. Aesthetic Suspicions Lab” for the parallel program of Manifesta 2014 and “No Time” for the Moscow Biennale 2015.

He will present a solo show in the main space of Winzavod Art Center in novembre 2017.

Personal show at Galerie Stanislas Bourgain :

«Interpenetration of the visible and the real », June 2008.

Fairs: Loop Barcelona, 2009; VOLTA NY, New-York, March 2010

Enquiry about available artwork : info@galeriesb.com