Pop-up architecture for those who is in need – Diana Machulina

Pop-up architecture for those who is in need. Diana Machulina, 2017. fabric, air, electric motor

Diana Machulina has presented her last project “pop-up architecture for those who is in need“, as part of the exhibition “Landscape re-worked” in the New Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, from July 13 to September 10, 2017.

The exhibition presents the results of artists “re-working” of landscape paintings from the Tretyakov gallery’s collection in the context of current issues of environmental protection and natural landscape.

The inflatable structures realized by Diana Machulina were inspired by the interpretation of shapes of churches in a 1962’s painting by Tatiana Mavrina taken from the Tretyakov collection and by the idea of mobile churches recently suggested by Russian Orthodox Church.

“Landscape re-worked”, New Tretyakov Gallery, until Sept 10th, 2017. Moscow.

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