Vladimir Logutov, from the series "Meetings". Watercolor on paper. 48x37cm

Vladimir Logutov, from the series "Meetings". Acryl on canvas, 135x135cm.

Gutter. From the series "In praise of folly"

Diana Machulina.
Oil on canvas. 85x70 cm.

Untitled. From the exhibition

Vladimir Logutov, Award of Innovatsia Prize Russia, Artist of the year 2018
Mixed techniques. Print on dibond. 21x29cm.2017

Diana Machulina, from the series "In Praise of Folly". Oil on canvas. 80x110cm

SUITE RUSSE Paris - April 2018

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of Russian and Ukrainian contemporary art

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From Thursday April 5th, 6pm
Till Saturdy April 7th, 12noon
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From the series "Lost & found".

Masha Shubina
Oil on tracing paper & vintage aircraft safety notice, 30x37cm.

Kyiv-Hydropark, Elmira Shemsedinova. 2019. Oil on canvas. 140x110cm


Ivan Mikhailov
Photography c-print