Galerie Stanislas Bourgain - Natasha Yudina

Natasha Yudina  is a young talented artist from the cold andwhite Siberia , the city of Tomsk in Russia. Born in Tomsk in 1982. Natasha Yudina studied Fine Arts at Tomsk State University from 2000-2003. In 2008, she completed theInstitute of Contemporary Arts. She choose fur and knitting as her form of artistic expression

Natasha Yudina, a delicate beauty with the brutal features of a nordic temperament, can be considered as a descendant of the Siberian ironical conceptualism, whose best-known representatives are the "Blue Noses", mixing stereotypes of local poverty with a rich spirituality. In the work of Siberian artists, patriotism and conservatism brought to their limits areturned into their own criticism. The irony of the Siberians in their relationship to things is a way to survive in this harsh Russian reality.

"My name is Natasha Yudina. I live in Siberia. Here, there is winter, snow plows, snowstorms, snow drifts, frost and cold weather, so you must wrap in wool, warm up in skins, cover yourself of fur, otherwise you do not survive. Art in Siberia also needs to be warmed up. It must be warmed up, rolled up in wool, protected in skins. My artwork, paintings, fur and thread sculptures, plush embroidery and photographs, are reflections on the history of art that continues in Siberia. "

Solo exhibitions:

"Nymph at the fountain gone." Siberia NCCA (Tomsk), 2019;

«Lullaby». Siberia NCCA (Tomsk), 2017;

"Horrible, warm, Siberian fairy tales". Dukley Art Centre (Montenegro), 2017; "Horrible Siberian fairy tales". Siberia NCCA (Tomsk), 2017;

Group exhibitions:

“NEMOSKVA”. Fine Art Center BOZAR (Brussels), 2019;

“Le Salon” .Ivanovsky Hall of the Russian Public Library (Moscow), 2018; “Suite Russe”. Galerie Stanislas Bourgain (Paris, France), 2018;

"Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism". Saatchi Gallery (London, England), 2017; "Nord Art". Symposium (Germany), 2012, 2011.

Works by Natasha Yudina: