Galerie Stanislas Bourgain - Diana Machulina

Born in Ukraine in 1981, Diana Machulina works and lives in Moscow. She is the art icon of the young generation of contemporary artists in Russia, and has been named best young artist by the Kandinsky Prize Jury in 2008. Diana Machulina had already participated in many prestigious exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Diana Machulina is graduated from the Surikov Institute, the most traditional art school in Russia but also today the most prestigious, then she studied at the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. She finished her education at the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art and at the Pro Arte Institute in Saint-Petersburg where she learned cultural journalism, which had brought her to curatorship. She still writes exhibition reviews and curatorial articles in major art magazine and exhibitions in Russia

In her artwork, from paintings to sculptures and installations, Diana Machulina represents different aspects our ordinary environment, to reveal an unexpected reality, sometimes disturbing, often dark and secret, or to point its absurdity. Diana Machulina’s paintings are mostly done in a realistic style. They testify of an impeccable technique, inherited from the long pictorial tradition of Russian art. Her works are full of joy, but with hidden darker notes. She look at the ways of the world, the absurdity of life or the vulnerability of the human being to external forces, with a clear realism and a fair dose of irony.

A vein of absurdity and black humor which is an enduring characteristic of the Russian culture, from the Gogol literature of the 19th century to the theatric plays of Oberiu group, directed by Daniil Kharms or the narrative installations of Ilya Kabakov, which we can see the heritage in Diana Machulina’s artwork.

Her work has been selected in the exhibition « Contrepoint » at the Louvre Museum in 2010, and in the exhibition on Russian contemporary art curated by Hervé Mikaeloff, « Futurologia », organized in 2009 at Moscow's Garage Contemporary Art Center. Her paintings are in many important collections: Deutsche Bank Collection, Tretyakov Gallery Moscow, Ecomusée Voltaire Geneva and private collections.

Works by Diana Machulina: