Galerie Stanislas Bourgain - Elikuka

The artduo Elikuka was founded in September 2007 in Moscow. The name EliKuka consists of two pieces taken from the names of the artists. In Russian it sounds like “they ate Cook” – the famous captain James Cook. According to the well-known belief his flesh was eaten by the Hawaiian aboriginals.

The artists evolve between the contemporary art tradition in an era of extreme commercialization, and relatively non-commercial and countercultural languages of youthclubbing and street origin. Born in 1985 and 1984, the artists belong to the young, energetic and progressive generation of Russian contemporary artists.

They make a series of interactive kinetic installations where the usual rules of behavior are broken: the viewer is offered to touch and move the works of art, to array the composition at his own discretion. Continuing experimenting, developing the idea of direct mutual influence between the viewer and the piece of art the artists realized the project “Propaganda of Photography”: the artists’ works became a background for the ones who wanted to take a photo. The group worked in collaboration with artists: Georgy Litichevsky, Valery Chtak, art-group Gelitin (Austria) and others. Also they are members of Moscow punk band I.H.N.A.B.T.B., international musical-artistic formation ANUSRIOT and music group Jenya Kukoverov

Recent shows of Elikuka include “Rough Route” at the Multimedia Museum of Moscow, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art , group show « Banality and Infinity » at Triump Gallery (Moscow), the group show « LaughterLife » at Paradise Row gallery (London) curated by Maria Baibakova or XYEVO-ZAEBIS at Regina Gallery (Moscow).


Evgueni Koukoverov, born in 1984 in Moscow, currently lives in Paris.

Oleg Elisseïev, born in 1985 in Moscow, currently lives in Paris.

Solo shows:

2021-22 - The Power of Art. Overdue Anniversary, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2019 - Venuses in Furs, SYNTAX gallery, Moscow

2018 - Sofa walking is strictly allowed, VolgaFest, Samara

2017 – The West Attaches To The East,Or The Tail Attaches To The Sofa, ZARYA CCA, Vladivostok

2017 – Bouquets and Plastic Bags, Vladey space, Moscow

2017 - Unforgettable Night at Simon's apartment, House of Embankment, Moscow

2016 – 17 – Rough Route, Multimedia Art Museum,Moscow

2016 - Suspicious watch on the alert, SMENA, Kazan

2015 – Mytyshi’s Energy, Moscow Beer Factory, Mytyshi

2015 - 100 Kisses of Crocodile, 100 personal exhibitions, One work gallery, Vienna

2014 - 61 Kisses of Scolopendra, 61 personal exhibitions, KICA, Krasnodar

2014 - Waterfall of exhibitions, 13 personal exhibitions, Svetlana gallery, Moscow

2014 - Propaganda of Photography, ММОМА, Moscow

2013 - Corrupt performance, Viennafair, Vienna

2013 - Propaganda of Photography, Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre

2012 - Revolt of World Order Training Simulators. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2012 - World Order Training Simulators, Regina Gallery. Moscow

2012 - Exhibition in someone's wallet, privat wallet of gallerist Mike Ovcharenko, Moscow

2011 - XYEBO-ZAEBIS, Regina Berloga Gallery, Moscow

2011 - 1th February opening, Team-work with Valeriy Chtak, Regina Berloga Gallery, Moscow

2009 - Bacteria mon amour!, Galerie Stanislas Bourgain, Paris

2008 - Fat Exhibition, Ravenscourt gallery, Moscow


Group shows:

2022 - OUIZTITI, Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris

2021 - Uroboros, JART Gallery, Moscow

2020 - Cultural Baggage, Syntax booth, Cosmoscow

2020 - Generation XXI, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2019 - Stinking Dawn, Gelitin team participants, Kunsthalle Wien

2018 - 18 +/- Voluntary Self-Control, Museum of Moscow

2017 - Anonymous men, Fabrika CCI, Moscow

2017 - RECYCLING LANDSCAPE, Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val, Moscow

2017 – Journey to the center of the Earth, ART-PLAY, Moscow

2017 – Tyr sh uk yc zzhi ph, Ermilov Center, Kharkov, Ukraine

2016 – Karaokemachine, Donaufestival Krems (Autriche) with Gelitin, Klitclique et Anus Riot

2014 – Not a Museum, Laboratory of Aesthetic Suspiсions. St. Petersburg (part of parallel program of Manifesta 10)

2014 - Upstairs, Museum of Moscow, Moscow

2013 – No water tomorrow, ММОМА Moscow, NCCA Ekaterinburg

2013 -  Heavy metal, Winzavod, Moscow

2012 – Happiness/Warm gun, Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg

2011 - NUTS, Regina London

2010 - Crash test, XL gallery, Moscow

2010 – Moscow in Suitecase, Les Salaisons, Romainville, France

2009 – Alterexhibit, CCI FABRIKA, Moscow

2009 – Russian Lettrism, Central House of Artist, Moscow

2009 - Banality and Infinity, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Works by Elikuka: